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Is there any greater thrill than the rush of exploring a foreign land for the very first time? What about that feeling you get when you picture yourself getting ‘wanderfully’ lost down alleyways, through lush green forests and overlooking breathtaking concrete jungles. Does the thought of jetting off to vast and exotic destinations give you that fireworks in your belly feeling?


The dream is alive and it’s burning with each and every new post of your friend’s European adventure, yet there remains that small but mighty voice inside your head that tries to tell you that travel is not on your agenda. It’s the whisper of bills and responsibilities reminding you that your dreams are merely that - fantasies best left to the lucky few who found the funds to make their travelling dreams come true.


"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than

by the ones you did." - Apparently NOT Mark Twain


The Very Zest is a travel community helping day-dreamers become go-getters, and wannabe adventurers become passionate do-ers! If you're anything like I was three years ago, you’re convinced that you don't want to wake up in 5 or 10 years time and think to yourself "Shit! I wish I had’ve just done it - gone travelling and experienced the world". But I get it - there's still something on the inside holding you back. For me, it was the unknown. Not knowing how much to budget for a backpacking trip. Not knowing how or where to find reliable information about places to visit. Wondering if I will ever have enough money to travel without having to work. Trying to figure out how to digest all that information being thrown at you across 27 different website tabs is exhausting - enough to see you hit the pause button on your dreams and continue living in that confined comfort bubble of yours.


I can vouch for what I’m about to say here in the biggest, boldest and happiest way possible: you can do it. You really, truly have the ability to make short or long term travel possible and the best part, you’ve got me and the rest of this incredible tribe as your travel pep coaches; your adventure cheerleaders and your resident exploration advocates, giving you that burst of inspiration and great advice right up to when you’re clipped into your seatbelt and ready to fly.

If you have the travel bug itch, The Very Zest has just the ideas to scratch it. Let's create some travel magic and make your adventures one for the ages!


Wanderlust advocate, passionate story teller, adventure enthusiast.


Travelling gives you life lessons no uni or school will ever teach.

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Hi, I’m Emily.

Around three years ago, I was slaving over a full-time gig and struggling with the reality of the 9-5 grind. Anyone feel me? It’s not for everyone.

I had always considered myself quite ambitious and a bit of a go-getter. My biggest life goal back then was to hop on a plane and get my ass over to South America to live the backpacking life and experience all the gobsmacking locations I had only ever seen in photos. Despite all this, I still had that negative voice reminding me that I was kidding myself, that the dream was ridiculous, and that there was no chance I could ever make it happen. How was I going to save that kind of money? How much time would I need to live the dream? What about my job? What about money while I was over there? These negative thoughts piled and began to convince me that my dream should remain just that - a dream.

That was, until later that year when I made a crazy decision. I closed my eyes, hit ‘confirm’ and booked a ONE-WAY ticket to Buenos Aires (Argentina), swapping my desk job for the open road and a 50L backpack. The next two years was an unforgettable and absolute life-changing experience that saw me venture through South and Central America, up to Canada, North America and across to Cambodia before returning down under to my little nook of paradise in Far North Queensland, Australia.

Sitting pretty at my desk the day I booked my flight, I never could have predicted what would be in store for me overseas; but that one moment of courageousness has completely transformed my perspective on just about everything. It has flipped my opinion of reality on its head and revealed where my true passion lies, and why I now refuse to do anything that doesn’t spark fireworks in my belly.

My experiences, as the result of a moment of bold courage have shaped my dreams for the future. I am more confident, fearless and excited about life and the world we live in. And now, I am more motivated than ever to see people chase their travel dreams and make them become a reality. I want to help take you from ‘dream’ to ‘destination’, and make your travel goals not only possible, but monumental.

So, are you ready for a new perspective on the world?